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           1972 Chevy G30 Beauville Balboa Motorhome

I purchased this vehicle 2 yrs ago from Arizona from an old man who loved it, but he hadn’t used in years. I renovated the interior and went thru all the camping equipment and prepared the van for the next owner. Everything is fresh and ready to go! This van is #877 of maybe 1000 ever built from 1968-1974 by Jensen Marine in Costa Mesa. It is said that there is about 50 in driving condition today! It’s all fiberglass so its light, doesn’t leak, rattle, or rust. You can see more of my campers on Instagram @balboamotorhomes and @freedomvessel. You will see several of my camper vans driving around Encinitas area. This one is a gem! It was fully renovated, as you can see!


Recent vehicle maintenance and condition:

- Chevy G30 Chassis - 5.7L V8 1 Ton Van
- 30,500 miles on odometer, runs great!
- New fuel pump, new 22 gallon gas tank, new fuel tank sending unit, fuel filter
- Full tune up, Oil change, spark plugs, cap, rotor, Valve cover gaskets
- Rebuilt carburetor, has Auxiliary fuel tank for long trips but it isn’t connected (easy to do) - New brake hose in rear, new brake master cylinder, parking brake works
- Original factory AC it isn’t hooked up, not sure if it works or how to make it work
- Wheels have nice tread, but show some age based on code date, spare tire included
- New Battery and 100w solar panel and new Auxiliary battery in camper


The Camper:

  • -  fully gutted and renovated, windows removed and resealed

  • -  New flooring, new paint, resurfaced cabinet doors, primed and painted with Cabinet paint

  • -  New foam and upholstery, 2 pull out beds and upper bunk bed area

  • -  Propane Dometic fridge with freezer

  • -  Propane Cabin heater with thermostat

  • -  Keys lock all doors and new rebuilt rear door with new locks

  • -  Water heater - heat water when you drive (using the engine)

  • -  30 gallon water tank, new grey/black water tank

  • -  Interior shower/toilet, and quick release exterior shower with new water pump

  • -  New butcher block countertop and sink faucet

  • -  New restored vintage stove/oven

  • -  Led dimmable interior puck lights

  • -  Upper bunk bed area, dinette table, dinette makes bed, couch turns to bed, sleeps 5

  • -  New carpet, USB stereo, Kenwood speakers, soft 100w Renogy solar and controller

  • -  Auxiliary battery also charges when you drive

  • -  Very clean, fresh paint job, all new exterior lights, chrome polished, screws replaced

  • -  Too much to list.... its beautiful, its rare, is a full camper RV that drives like a small van, you will

    not have this opportunity to own something like this again

 Needs (I am working on this week):

  • all propane appliances work, but when I went to fill propane Saturday, the gauge on the tank under the van started to leak propane, so I let it drain, so it is safe, but empty.

  • I would get new tires before a huge road trip, the tires now are good for around town

  • Horn not working, probably easy fix

  • For 50 yr old camper thats an easy "to do list”


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